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Why we exist, what we do and how.

Hey Blockchain enthusiast!

We (Cryppify) have started blogging on Medium! We think its the perfect place to share our passion and stories about blockchain.

So. You’re probably wondering, why does Cryppify exist, what do they do and how?

Let me explain..

We believe that blockchain and other kinds of distributed ledger technology (DLT) facilitate a movement towards a fairer world for everyone. The nice thing is, we can collaboratively work on this movement today, and in the years to come due to its decentralized nature.

Since we truly believe in the applications that this technology enables, we wanted to express ourselves with it. That brought us to the idea of Cryppify.

We believe that you should be able to express yourself and your passions in a fashionable way. Even if it’s about hardcore (cool🤙) technology.

We started thinking of a cool way to do that, and came up with the idea of creating stylish blockchain related clothing, a.k.a. merchandise.🧢👕

Join the movement
Do you like our ideology and do you want to join us in our mission to bring awareness to blockchain (&DLT) to the masses in a stylish and fashionable way?🤙 Then check out our Instagram, Twitter and/or Facebook where we keep you updated on the latest and greatest clothing. Also, if you have any suggestions or ideas about cool new ways to express our passion through clothing, then don’t hesitate and contact us!✌️

Ambassador program for influencers
To share this ideology, called the internet of value, we want to ask you to become an ambassador. Please contact us through Instagram, Facebook Messenger or by email ( to get more details about our ambassador program. 

Have a great day!
-Bram Langelaar, Founder of Cryppify